Thursday, July 18, 2019

Finding Lost Cats

I spend a lot of time on lost pet pages helping owners reunite with their pets.  Here are some tools I have found useful - tried and true tools.  Putting the LITTER BOX OUT IS A MYTH and attracts TERRITORIAL CATS that can chase your kitty further.

How to find a lost cat

To find your lost cat, please use the following search tools in the PDF and video below.
Included in the PDF is contact information for local animal shelters and rescues as well as resources for obtaining tools for recovering your cat. 

Another great resource is

Do not hesitate to try a humane trap. It is better that your cat be contained for the time it takes you to check the trap again than it is for them to be out and at risk of predators and other outdoor dangers. Catch wildlife? Easy to release? Catch another cat? Scan for chip or release.
The organization responsible for this PDF has a LOT of experience catching cats of all backgrounds.  Please heed their advice!

From the Front Street Animal Shelter:

Step 1: Make sure the cat really is lost.
Step 2: Do a thorough search around your property.
Step 3: Lure them back home. Leave open their escape route.
Step 4: Search the neighborhood. Post flyers. Ask if you can search the yard.
Step 5: Set a trap. Bait it with fried chicken or tuna. Smear bait leading to trap and up high so the wind catches it.
Step 6: If your cat has a microchip, call the company and make sure your info is up to date.
Step 7: Make lost cat posters on fluorescent poster board at busy intersections and quarter sheet size to put on neighbors doors and mailboxes.
Step 8: Search local shelters at MINIMUM every 3 days. Even visit the shelters.
Step 9: Check other resources -- craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook, Pawboost.
Step 10: Use finding Rover - a website.
Step 11: If you see your cat, approach slowly and stay calm.
Step 12: Don't give up. Be diligent. Search often. Ask friends to help.

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