Friday, December 28, 2018

Christine's Kitten Room Fosters

While we wait for new kittens to arrive, the permanent residents of Christine's Kitten Room, Snowpee and Mya, can be seen watching birds on YouTube and Livestream.  You can also watch previous videos saved and recorded here and here.

Since it's inception, Christine's Kitten Room, as of the October 2023, has fostered 234 cats and kittens!  Here is a compilation of their names and the shelters that helped care for, treat, and adopt out these kitties!

2013 (Purrfect Pals): (18)

  • Turtle & Dove;
  • Jasper, Onyx, & Obsidian;
  • Lorelei, Rory, Dean, Jess, & Logan; 
  • Violet, Carson, Sybil, Bates, Anna, Cora, Lord Grantham, & Tom; 

2014 (Purrfect Pals and MEOW): (18)

  • Riversong, Clara, & Amelia; 
  • Polaris*;
  • Belladonna, Bilbo*, Smeagol*, Samwise*, Merry*, Pippin, & Frodo; 
  • Q*, Quark, O'Brien, Kira, Jadzeia, Ezrie, & Worf;

2015 (MEOW Cat Rescue): (16)

  • McNugget, McMinime, McMama O'Shadow*, Cutie McQ, Paw McCatney, & MacGuyver;
  • Pansy, Willow, Tigerlily, Clover, Stargazer, Robin, & Jasmine;
  • Luna, Pandia, & Zosma;

2016 (MEOW Cat Rescue, Community Cat Coalition, and Feral Cat Sanctuary / Whole Cat and Kaboodle): (20)

  • Mama Rain, Mountain Cloud, Prince, Uno Ube, Raspberry Beret, Tyka, and Violet Blue; 
  • Moosie;
  • Tonks, Remus*, Dobby, Bella, and Sirius; 
  • Emma, Ella, Finn, McGoohan, Connor, Tribble, and Woody

2017 (MEOW Cat Rescue and Feral Cat Sanctuary / Whole Cat and Kaboodle): (18)

  • Mama Cleo, Simon, Sebastian, Tibbs, Arlene, & Felix and adopted kitten Figaro.
  • Igmu Picn
  • Mama Jolene, Patsy, Tammy, Dolly, Willie, EmmyLou, and George;
  • Jasper, Apollo, and Neptune.

2018 (Community Cat Coalition (private rescue, non affiliated with a rescue) and MEOW Cat Rescue): (12)

  • Tux and Oliver*
  • Brandi*and her Intoxicating Kittens: Moonshine, Bailey, Sal, Madeira, Booker, and Fireball
  • Jane
  • Devora & Bazinga
2019 (MEOW Cat Rescue) (15)
  • Aislinn, Arzu, Alora, Morpheus, and Maia
  • Zoie, Zorba, Zeus, and Zoltan
  • Brigitte, Maria, Ashe, Reinhardt, Jesse McCree, and Torbjorn
2020 (MEOW and Private Rescue) (15)
  • Tiger Tinsel
  • QuaranTabbies: Queenie, Quicksilver, Qwerty, Quentin, Querida, Quill, QT, Quince, and Quixote.
  • Dickens Kittens: Lillian (mom), Dorrit, Dot, Dodger, and Lucy

2021 (Purrfect Pals and Private Rescue) (19)
  • Katherine's Kittens: Katherine, Aragon, Charlotte, Petrovna, Margaret, Isabeau, Claude, Valois (8)
  • Lake Goodwin Kittens: Mama Peachberry Milkshake, Tortee, Truffle, and 2 sisters (5)
  • Lake Loma kitties: Cali #2, Cali #1, Blackie, Pepper, Nutmeg, and Clove (6)

2022 (Purrfect Pals, MEOW Cat Rescue, Private Rescue) (65!!!)
  • Mezzelune and her 5 Noodles Zoodle, Penne, Orzo, Gnocchi, and Cavatappi (6)
  • Foodie Ferals (55 including the next line below --see other blog post for all names)
  • Berbere (mom), Bueg, Doro, Kai, Shiro (RIP)
  • Despina (1)
  • Bob, Tubby, and Pixie (3)

2023 (Private Rescue, MEOW Cat Rescue) (18 as of 10/20/23)
  • Poppy (1)
  • Muffin's Kittens: Cowboy, Rocket Rooster, and Billy Goat (3)
  • Yakima Fruit Kittens: Fuji (mom), Sweet Cherry, Fantasia, Bing, and Braeburn (5) 
  • Jeri Lynn's fosters: Marshmallow, Oreo, Truffle, and Graham (4)
  • Rachel’s fosters: Little White Kitty, Little Black Kitty, Stripey Little Kitty (3)
  • Ruthie (1)
  • Chenille / Josie (1)
- Foodie Ferals - Encore: Olive Loaf, Caviar, and Brown tabby

*RIP Sweet Kitties: Belladonna's kittens had FIP, Polaris had head trauma as a kitten and later had a herniated disc that led to paralysis and other issues, Q had a congenital heart defect, McMama O'Shadow d'Floof had a pulmonary complication, Remus has been lost, and Olly was diagnosed with FIP. Brandi had an anatomical bowel obstruction which recurred after corrective surgery.  Prognosis for another surgery and her quality of life was poor.  We mercifully let her go.